Credit Lending Made Easy

For Banks & Fintechs

We help banks and fintech offer a fully digital onboarding journey through credit scoring using customers’ digital footprint and alternative data all in one API

What We Do.

Automated Financial Profile

We digitally extract data from your user and use it to understand and create a comprehensive financial behavior profile.

Credit Scoring

We create an instant credit score tailored to your risk appetite

Customer Segmentation

We categorize your users’ transactions and behaviors and allocate them to a segment for cross-selling & up-selling.

Use Cases




Airtime & Post-Paid Credit

Why Us

Plug ‘n’ Play

Integrate our SDK with a few lines of

Better UX

Faster onboarding journey and less
onboarding churn

Cloud & Premises

Our API works on the cloud and on

Mitigated Fraud

Bypass fraudulent Bank statements and
HR letters


We support data in Arabic and Latin